Kiss the Heavens

With Broken Wings
I’d kiss the heavens 
To get a sense of direction 
I’m not where I wanna be
I’m not where I’m supposed to be
What was the point of living past 18 
if my dreams weren’t to be achieved 

I walk around trying to heal through anger
I know how it looks but it could be stranger. 
All I got in me is to be weird
Push anyone near so far away that in mine & their minds we disappear 
but then I cry because I’m so fucking weird 
but I gotta act like I don’t care 
I don’t fucking care. 

At this point in time my Broken Wings are in pain 
Climb up the ladders I claim
because I can’t fly
and each flutter isn’t the same 
I want to change but when I try
I’m not doing it right 
My view in life is so skewed 
I can’t look at any sight without feeling like I want to take flight

I sit on rocks looking at the calm water. 
Looking to the sky with anger in my eyes 
I’m my father’s daughter 
with anger in my eyes
I’m obsessed with the skies
My essence, my presence 
If I could just get my senses of directions
with these Broken Wings I’d kiss the Heavens


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