Lost Family

I look at people walking by

and wonder if we share the same bloodline.

Did they know Oh Kwee-sun at some point in time?

Can they tell me how she died?

I came here to look for my family

while I suffered a tragedy

and no one was there to stand with me

as I fell apart in a catastrophe.

Seventeen years ago I started this journey.

I’m half way there but hungry and thirsty,

lonely and worried

that I’ll let myself down.

Sometimes I just want to turn around

but I made a vow

not to anyone else

but to myself

and rather or not I get help

I’ll find you somehow.

I’m so tired of looking at strangers wondering if it’s you

I’ll do what I’ll have to do

jump through any loop I have to

just so a seventeen year old dream comes true

and if I don’t find you now

I’ll stand by my vow

and continue to find my family somehow.


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