Lee, Young-soo Halmoni

When you hugged me, I felt my grandmother for the first time.
All that you had to suffer, you still have strength, warmth, and love inside.
You called me your granddaughter – I could have cried;
all my life I have wished my grandmother was still alive.

But you held my hand like you were my grandma and said we were the same.
Your warmth and humor has truly made my life change.
For you, my grandmothers, Justice will one day be obtained!
Although, I already see Justice in your eyes.
Every time you smile you tell Japan you truly survived!

I admire you so much – your refusal to give up
and standing in front of Japan saying, “Enough is enough.”

Halmoni, the fight will never let go until they give everything they owe!

Halmoni, saranghayo!


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