Jump Off: Avoidance and Ritalin

Instead of the drama
over the birth certificate of Obama
or who gets credit for killing Osama
take a look at the budgeting for victims of sexual trauma.
Look at how the gov’t wants to control your uterus
at all the diabolical things they do to us
but instead you just
choose to shut
your eyes and get distracted
becoming a part of the fraction
screaming out “fascist”
supporting going in arms to assassin
the president
questioning his residence
it’s all subliminal messages
falling back onto racial preferences

Take some Ritalin if it gets you to pay attention
to their real intention
They perfected their suggestions
for you to live in fear
but it’s mere distraction from the lobbying of billionaires
most are the last to care
that you’re getting screwed over on your taxes each year.
They’ve shaken keys above your head
so you look up and shut up, instead
of asking “what the fuck?”
Budget cuts
misallocation of funds.
Ideal politicking on twitter, tumbler, or facebook
Utilize social media into action & get into the grassroots
like Annabel when she helped turn Virginia blue
then founded the Coffee Party with hopes of solutions.
Take a look at the North African-Arab revolutions.
Citizens pumping their fists & taking back their country
after years of oppression, suppression, in the face of repression
or others running across the border of North Korea to get to the hungry
Nothing is as useless as a “rebel without a cause.”
We hand out medals to guitar and MIC facades
encourage living as frauds

Buying into an image
avoiding realness paying up to gimmicks
but give a minute
and look at all these staggering facts
astounding women like MIWSAC
or an elder for over 36 years never relapsed
Never seemed to look back
but never forgot
always thought
gently talked, taught
humbly walked
held onto his native language
even through the anguish
then went across seas and fought.

Status updates and all talk
Who takes credit for the shot
More importantly who murked Biggie & Tupac?
My bad… Lost train of thought…

Take the Ritalin prescription
Hush up and listen
Question decisions
Question the overpopulated prison
Why so many Brown folk living there?
Why are they proven innocent after they perish?
Is it to keep them off the streets out of fear
or to kill our spirits?
Why wasn’t it okay to trash talk Dubya
but can openly say let’s lynch Barack?
Is it fear of his race or the rumors of his father’s religion?
Get on Twitter and look at #tcot
you’d see Hawai’i must no longer be a state and freedom of religion
is only applicable if Christian.
Avoid looking at the foreclosure of property
now how many more are living in poverty
but first let’s blame Barack because we don’t live problem free…Hypocrisy!
Page in Donald Trump!
A billionaire will clean this up
or make up junk
to ease our fears of this “stuff.”
You want to make a difference then take a stand
instead of tweeting or updating what you don’t understand but think you can
articulate without someone raising their hands
and putting you on blast.
It sounds as petty as what the topic is
but if you don’t understand politics…
Then grab a tea-bag and go with the others
who choose to be paranoid so they can avoid
understanding one another…


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