Her Eyes Watch

Prostitution & rapes are daily life.

Nobody takes a former comfort woman for a wife

Or a woman knocked down by a G.I.’s strike.

It’s amazing what we price and sacrifice.

Like a village full of women & children

Demonized & made into villains

All for the justification of killin’.

It’s the same ole pattern

In Africa & America it also happened.

Imperialism & bein’ colonized

Creation of common lies that declared common lives

To be savaged heathen that deserve to die.

So we hide, running across the DMZ line.

Only to find communism is as bad as bein’ Americanized.

Entering a genocide on both sides.

Of the DMZ even though Russia and America said we’re free

Free from Japanese slavery and oppression

But that’s somethin’ I question.

My people and land are divided and robbed blinded

As the American tanks stand behind it.

Buildin’ nukes or held up in sweatshops

Here I stand as the only thing my Grandmother ever got.

After livin’ thru the Korean tragedy

In her robe, apart of a multiracial family

Continuing her legacy

As what America can’t stand to see.

©Krystal Mattison 2005

This one is also old old old. You can tell by the “buildin’ livin’ etc…” It was actually written in less that five minutes when I was performing another poem and had to write another one to fill time. I couldn’t believe they liked it since I didn’t get a chance to edit it and such. When I told my mentor I was going to he told me stop. There’s a lot of things I understand about Korea now that I want to convey in this so badly, but I made a promise not to revise it.


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