Hell and Eggshells

I’m so tired of walking on eggshells
My nerves so tense they’re shot 
Everyday I feel like I’m in hell
as I watch a drunk get so fucked up he loses everything he gots.
Wondering when he’ll stop
and look around
see all the people he’s let down
without making excuses he’s entitled somehow
Come back to living in the now
and just deal with it. 
It’s the same thing we’re all in
but it feels like he’s not coming with
because the bottle in his fist
is glued to him. 
He wants no help
it’s everyones fault but himself
they exaggerate how he creates hell
as he chases them outta their house
and he shouts he never wants them around but the next day feels like shit
but doesn’t remember what he did
but he knows he has to make excuses for acting so blatantly stupid 
and justify how he’s controlled by a bottle that’s so foolish
and deny he can get, not only mentally, but physically abusive
Reconcile that he doesn’t see nobody’s problems & suffering 
so long as he doesn’t have to solve them & the bottle continues it’s the comforting. 
Nothing & nobody matters but the bottle 
gets angrier because he’s drank it completely hollow
and wasted all his money on the last forty ounce bottle
and his anger only spreads & follows him home instead 
where he takes his sobriety & stress on everyone
then years later wakes up hungover without anyone to tell him what he did because they’re officially done with his bullshit.


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