For Gabriel

For Gabriel Isaiah Mattison

You entered this world with a brave face
Handsome and tubby
You became my saving grace
Knowing that you loved me.

I take your little hand
And walk you across ice.
Know that even when you become a man.
Your auntie will be there to help you across life.

No matter the distance
I will be there
Just hold your resistance
And say your prayers

I’ll say mine for you
You say yours for yourself
Because all I need to know is that I have nieces & nephews
And that the Lord provides necessary provisions for their health.

But as for you the delight in your eyes
The heart in your laugh
I can see the reflection of Christ
As you two make a path across the sands.

Without any reluctance
I’ll be there for you
And I’ll keep saying that until it’s redundant
Because that’s what Gomos do.


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