For My Little Sisters: Yeo Dong-seng

Doors and windows close
and I know some days
we feel so alone
waiting for the pain to go away.
There’s one thing I truly do know:
it’s hard to keep the faith
but we lose it so easily though
believing prayers are just waste
because we get no direct answers
it takes so much time
we just want the meanings to come faster
to the point is wrecks havoc on our minds.
I wish I could take your burden
off of your shoulders
but I am certain
these hardships will soon be over
and in the end leave us a better person
stronger and older
keep your head up
and eyes open
This isn’t the last time life will be tough
but we have to keep goin’.

 I’ve been to the bottom
hitting it hard and face first
we each have different problems
and feel different hurts
but it’s best to have support as we try to solve them
so don’t dismiss me when you’re in thirst
and I have enough water just for you
With every rock I’ve hit…
trust me, you can get through –
I won’t allow you to quit.
Days are dark
but the future will always be bright
you’ll find a door ajar
while still walking through the night
because when something is so hard
it takes a true fight
to get so far
and make things right.
But so long as I’m here
as your big sister, your Unni,
don’t be scared
instead trust me
because I’ve been to the bottom
so many times before
yours – I can’t solve them
and I can’t guarantee opening many doors
but if you follow
I’ll do all I can to get you to safety
while sharing your sorrow
these days will soon be the past and hazy
that I do know
and I’ll be honest
right now the doors and windows are closed
but something will open
that I, your Unni, can promise.


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