Fvcking Stand Up

Wrote this when I first started working as a sexual assault advocate. Clearly enraged. What’s crazy is I never use to curse this much. I learned from my adopted grandfather (Garrett) that cursing makes you look ignorant so I went years without cursing until I started being an advocate but here it is:

No more if, whats,ands, buts
Take the fvcking risk and chance to stand up!
No more lies, omissions, shit, and corrupt
Fvck submission
A fvck is what I’m living and why I’m so fvcking livid!
Tell me:
Why are so many of my Indigenous sistas missin’?
Why can’t my grandmother get an apology?
Why does this even involve a policy?
The majority say this should no longer bother me!
But it’s all the fvcking same thing
over and over again
Women aren’t shit but sex and gifts
Subservient to men
This is the world I don’t get!
Redskin you’re a rapable dead skin!
You, your sister, and your best friend!
Don’t matter how much you dye your hair blond
or you worship the white Jesus on the Cross
or take your own corrupt job
You’re still vulnerable to Pimps and Johns
Cambodian little girls torture and taught that a penis and cum
Are “yum, yum”
Desensitized enough
that it doesn’t bother us
we’re just acting so fvcking dumb
No accountability to ourselves!
No accountability to help
No accountability to those causing girls a living hell!
It doesn’t involve our money so fvck anyone else
“We can’t save the world”
so I guess there’s no need to save little girls
in our own states
United by genocide, slaves, and rape
Gone abroad to take
The notion of “Democracy”
Fvck the murders and hypocrisy
I’m so burnt out because i shouldn’t be alone in this bothering me
Pass all your fvcking policies!
Stop taking out the protection of Indigenous Women!
Fvcking ice houses keep spinnin’
with Dakotas and Ojibwes
but we rather give a flying fvck about OJ Simpson
My grandmother’s career is right fvcking there
in the Americans’ rear
on the DMZ Line right over there
and they keep “buying”
a human life -you’re fvcking buying a human
but slavery is over – you’re so fvcking lying
I see so many sistas beat up
by men who aren’t shit but punks
shooting them both up with junk.
Seriously – I’ve had enough
of creeps getting away with it
Sistas so willing to submit
and will never admit
they know it isn’t okay for anyone to get hit

Fvcking stand up
Fvck stand up
Fvck yell and stand up
Give a flying fvck!
This is your sister, aunt, daughter, and mom
From black hair to blond
to White and Black Jesus on the cross
We need more found not loss
in the system that for a hundred years betrayed us
Fvck it, stand up
Stand up if you give a fvck
Stand the fvck up!


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