Glory! Glory!

I think written in high school or first year of college?


Glory! Glory to the world!
We got a token Asian and Native Girl
In one swirl!
We got a token mix girl!
What a pearl!
What a gem
We now know everything about them!


The Natives:
Glory! Glory!
We got us an Asian shorty!
Now tell us your parents’ story!
Did they meet in Korea or on the Rez?
Were their parents worried
or did they wish them best?
Finally! Some Asian ass!
Some Asian bad ass!
Can you tutor me in math class?
Have you been to the Bad Lands?
That’s great, what about your dad?
What does he think of us Natives?
Did he think of the chaos
It would be to the mix-breed
Awe see!
Glory! Glory!
We got us an Asian shorty!


The Asians:
Glory! Glory!
We got us a real native-Native
So when they hate on us Asians
and tell us to go back
we don’t have to take it
because that Native girl has our back!
So can you handle the liquor?
What all can you do on the Rez?
Name off some red historical figures
Write me a paper on whoever you think was the best.
Sitting Bull? Crazy Horse? What about Pocahontas?
Do you really talk to “Mother Earth”
Oh! Let’s call you Gookahontas!
Does that hurt?
Well, it’s a name well deserved!
Don’t be afraid of your heritage!
So how do your parents live?
What kind of things are you inheritin’?
Peyote? Sage? Marijuana?
Oh, what the drama
but, oh, what the honor
a real Native American daughter
with an Asian father!
Glory! Glory! Let’s watch her talk to water!


The Whites:
Glory! Glory, a mutt!
What’s it like looking your ancestry up?
Do you even consider yourself one of us?
I bet not, because why would you?
Being a mixed girl is totally cool!
Now I can finally say Redskin AND Gook!
Is that cool? Why I shouldn’t have to ask you!
Of course it’s cool, because we’re down with you fool!
I love Asian writing and respect Native tradition
Can you help me pick out a tattoo?
Did you have a sacred vision?
What was Confucius’ mission?
Oh, you don’t know?
What are you eating!
Is that kimch’i with buffalo?
Good God, that’s gross!
I think I’ll be leaving
and I won’t come back to your home
but if you know how to use a phone
give me a call and we’ll roll
I got a Hyundai that you can’t drive!
because, well, you know how y’all can’t see with chinky eyes!
You might also chase a buffalo, and that ain’t right!
but thank the stars!
Glory! Glory, we got a Redskin and Gook that’s all ours!


The Mutt:
Glory! Glory! There is no story!
I’m a regular shorty,
with complicated worries
because it seems all anyone wants to do is explore me!
My parents met in the city
so if you’re looking for something exotic
don’t bother to roll with me
You’re making me psychotic!
I wish you’d stop it!
I can’t hold a pencil, let alone chopsticks!
I’m sorry to disappoint all of you
but I have no “beautiful” view.
I am bias and I really don’t know the truth.
Chink, Injun, and Gook, yes, it’s true
but what does it prove?
Glory! Glory, I’m just like the rest of you!

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