Ojibwe Ajjuma

“Blackfeet! Always on the warpath!
Here’s some Kleenex for your sneeze
if you need more go on and ask.
You know why they say your feet are black?
One very cold winter the Calvary entered
set your village on fire and the survivors covered in ash!
Mmhmm, young lady this is your past.
Oh you hostile Blackfeet, but at least not a Crow!
Tell me young lady, are you enrolled?
It’s funny yet tragic, you know?
They’re determined our population won’t grow.
They kill us with that so called mighty pen
but if you ask me, you’re a real Indian
based on the heart you hold within
but you know they think we’re idiots!
Well I can do the math
BQ 1/72 and you’re Black
1/8th BQ Indian and you’re kicked outta the clan!
Tell me Blackfeet now isn’t the time to go back on the warpath?
You know, instead of burning down our tipis
to get out of honoring our treaties
They pencil and check our BQ
but what can we do?
But you better get to your appointments, Blackfeet,
I just saw you cough and sneeze
and decided to help my new niece
May we both have enjoyed this encounter
and go in peace.”

True s tory


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