Make It Thru Pt. II (Hip Hop this is for you)

The only way you notice me
Is thru my R.hythm A.nd P.oetry
Try to write a prose 
but even then it flows
like Hip Hop, the love of my life – Black Thought. 
Songs narrate my life 
who’d ever thought 
The girl with freckles only listened to Hip Hop
So the only thing she writes
is Rhythm And Poetry 
Eve to Sandman to Brother Ali
Pen just flows and flees
to the thoughts I need to release. 
I can’t explain it
but the rhymes are me
As I write, in the moment, I’m painless.
I runaway yet confront reality. 
No matter how painful or hellishly 
I pick up the pen and notebook
and seem to make it thru
Moment before I was shook
but nonetheless made it thru


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