Coffee Fiend

Coffee Fiend

Libertarian to communist.
My only political belief now is common sense
Never a pessimist but I can’t see me an optimist
To be honest
some days I wanna runaway to where the Amish live
Wanna get beyond the word “liberal”
these elephant and jackass symbols
99% of the answers should just be simple
but we’re crossing & get lost in our own mixed signals

Ride an elephant or donkey
Try another 3rd party
Really I just wanna cup of coffee
and press charges against some of these lobbies

We allow cuts to education and victim services
I pay my taxes for no purpose then!
Turn on the TV and only see circuses
News same ole same it makes me turn my fist:
Pump, pump, pump it up
I look forward to the cuffs
Make bail board my place shut
because I’m so tired of hardly giving enough.

My only political belief is common sense
Just give me a cup of coffee…
a thing of jam with a party
full of common sense
and plenty of coffee.


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