For Garrett

Dedicated to my adoptive Dakota Grandfather (Garret Wilson) who tried so hard to make me sober and I failed him each time. I always loved you Garret and can feel our hands shake every Sunday and see your face in the crowd when you came to my college storytelling event just to see me. I didn’t get sober until months after you passed to the next life but it was for your love and faith in me that I did finally find myself on the Road to Wellbrierty. Thank you for your love and constant inspiration. I’m glad we got to share stories of Korea and that you fought for us that fateful day.  

A smile makes an appearance
as the nearest of the spirits
says the name of the dearest
there is: Garret.

Peace & serenity as tears for all memories
steadily turn to heavenly –
just the thought of you weighs heavily
because of what you meant to me.

A beautiful example of all to follow.
It helps as my heart beats away the sorrow.
I think of your handshake & smile as I turn down the bottle:
it’s your example I want to follow –
not the brand on the bottle.

Stories on the edge of seats,
increase heartbeats,
laughing so hard we stomp our feet.
Touched so deep we can hardly breathe.
Relieved any time it’s your face we see.

Our elder and treasure: in our minds your physical form will be remembered but your spirit in our hearts forever.

We love you Garrett


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