Nomadic Studies Abroad II

Nomadic Studies Abroad Pt. II

Yo’ Nomad
go back
and declare
yourself a homeland.
Go fast.
Korean Native
Native Korean

– follow the buffalo
through the monsoon
to the harvest season –

Bury the kimch’i
underneath the tipi
pitched on the ocean breeze.
Calling all medicine men
Mythical shaman
Rain dance
Sun dance
Yeah, we be jammin’
Heya! Heya! How!
Heya! How! How!
Gooks with nukes
kickin’ it with
the Siksika at a pow wow.

Korean Native
Native Korean
Found side by side
with the buffalo
marching through
the harvest season.
Unable to define a homeland
so go back
just as worthless
as the rest of you Nomads.


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