Word Journeyer

(This was just for fun)

Journey through my words with me
I look around at what the world can do to me
Right now this feeling is too new to me
and truthfully
I can’t wrap my mind around feeling rejected and hurt
I keep trying to wrap my mind around for a cure
but then I look at all that occurred
and realize only the strong survive
and standby knowing what’s right
and can’t be deterred
No matter the consequence stand by the warrior
Don’t change the stance now from what was earlier
I’ve always been a rebel and early bird
They were flying south while I headed north
and my course, obviously the least taken of course
I’m my own resistance and force
I can’t be coaxed or coerced
I take on the hurt whether or not it was was deserved
(it was uncalled for)
but for ever what it may be worth I found worth
in administrating my own sovereignty
and satisfied when I leave this world I’m my own property
Until then I don’t tread lightly but properly (at least to me)
I don’t live for being problem free
only for obtaining, retaining, and sustaining my freedom
Hold someone down so long you’re going to eventually have to release them
if they gotta free themselves they will
because the taste for freedom is worthy enough to kill
but I live positioning myself to rebuild
and if I must I will steal whatever I feel
I never went out of my way to cause trouble
but if it comes along the way, well, I’m jumping on the fumble
With my own feet kick around the rubble
Rebuild what I must do
It’s all a constant journey and struggle
but also a chance to flex my muscle
I never looked to fit in but if I did it
was all coincidence
Always honest and ready to admit my actions stand second to my differences
The only person hard on me is hardly
anyone to keep me from being free
and it’s me who downs me more than I need
but I know how much I’m willing to bleed to be free to be me
Fight to the damn end
Even if I’m left behind damaged
I always imagined I’m going to always be damaged
So I accept it and will to the damn end
I can be my own damn friend
but my own damn friends are too far out there to be imagined
I grasp on acceptance and a challenge
I’ve walked on dental floss and maintained my balance
but spiritually imbalanced
but I utilize my talents
and once I do there’s no challenge
I look at the world as there’s viewers and doers
I never could stick to being a viewer
unless those I admire as doers
told me to relax and laugh
get a sense of humor while they do work
if I’m needed I’m believed in
I’m here for a reason
right now it’s to learn
From every lesson I’ve earned
I still yearn
to obtain more until my insides burn
Burnt until I return to ash and oil
Those loyal won’t bury me in the soil
but will throw me in a volcano and run
because I’m going to erupt
back to life grazing the sun
and waking everyone up
like I should’ve done
when my life begun
So  I’m here and stand as a warrior
like I did earlier
and always have as I’ve been a journeyer


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