My Death

When I die don’t tell me to rest in peace
Just release me and set me free
Throw my ashes into the Pacific
or something less specific
it’ll make no difference
because the truth is I won’t be near either place.
I’ll be with whoever needs me but you’ll see me as empty space
Maybe every now and then see my face
Don’t be scared just have faith
I’m meant to be there
Meant to have met my demise when I did because I’ve completed what the Creator wanted me to do here
So when you look in the mirror don’t question it and feel fear
I’m just letting you know I still care
And when you have nightmares
know that’s not me
only a figure your mind made of me
but I’m free
but I’m free
In death I’ve been set free

I was never truly happy here
Not because of you it’s just what I always felt in the air
Nothing anyone can do
I was just never happy here
I was sincere in all I did
Whether pumping my fist
or playing with my brothers’ kids
and not just his.
I took pride in all that I believed
even if others were clowning me
I really did see
what society was meant to be.
I could never just blindly follow whoever’s ahead
so when I go don’t say I did because someone else is already dead
I went when I went because it was my time
It may be too early if someone took my life
but it no longer matters because either way I met my demise
You’ll be angry but in the end fine
If I die on the table or in old age
it was definitely meant to be
so put out tobacco and cleanse in sage
this was my destiny
I can’t be saved.
Just let me be.

I’ll be released from the physical
and living peacefully in spirit
If anything I left to you I hope you find it spiritual
Not something that makes you fear this
Death is what I live for
Before I meet it
I want to give more
because I believe this:
Leave something that’ll bring change
either while I’m here smiling in pain
or when people look at my life and see I didn’t live in vain
But if it does end in vain
No worries my time here was still worthy
The Creator makes no mistakes
Something will come from my fate
So keep the faith
put a smile on your face
Just set me free
Just set me free
Just set me free
please just let me be
and set me free


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