I’ma Bang in Pyongyang

I’ma Bang

I’ma bang
and head to Pyongyang
Foot on the chest of Jr. & declare change
Sorry my gooks I’d been here sooner
But I had to smuggle into his domain
Dear Leader Jr. I spit on your face
Put a S-K flag in your nutcase
Dare you to bang with that now in YOUR place.
My people keep good faith
There will be 3 square meals a day
I told you I’ma bang
and bring change
to Pyongyang

I’ma bang open the prison camps
Declare the communist dynasty has passed
We all knew it wouldn’t last
It was a matter of who’s gonna kick this chump’s ass
Stop funding his palace
Pacifying his non-talents
We all know this family is chemically imbalanced
and every nuclear challenge
has made them the laughing stock
Get pissed but look at how their rocket took off they’re evil genius is soft
We’re laughing hard but it don’t stop
So I’ma bang
and kick ass in Pyongyang
Declare change
L.I.N.K. in ink please think
and come with me to bang
down the doors of Pyongyang


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