Homemade Recipes

My peoples were victimized

From the forms of genocide

To the thoughts that lived on in my mind

These heritages I bare on my spine

Assimilated in time

(Another form of genocide)

Others try to tell me how to identify

But it’s not up to anyone to decide.

How I feel inside

Doesn’t have to reflect my exterior.

I never said I was superior

But I refuse to be treated like I’m inferior.

Break me down in fractions?

But I utilize my actions

Sometimes even more than those who happen

To be supposedly “more pure.”

But how can that be

When my family too endured

The struggle to be free.

So how you see me

Is only a greater conquer

To the powers that have been our monsters

You call me an imposter

But do you know what all I do?

I’ve been called Injun and gook

I’ve stood up against what others said was the truth

I come from many different backgrounds,

I’m no worse or no better

I’m always around to endeavor

The struggle with my sistren and brethren.



Homemade Recipes

At this table I break the bread

Pass it to the right and the left

It matters to me that my peoples are fed

And in the end all I can give is my best

It’s a homemade recipe

Passed down to me by my ancestry

Leading up to what I’m meant to be


I pour the wine in the glass

I hand it out to the mass

I bare my soul to the class

What you see in me is the past

1492 to the North Korean nuclear blast

From tribal rituals to dynasties

There is no real way defining me

So drink what I give you

It’s 100% pure too


Homemade recipes

Passed down to me by my ancestry

Leading up to what I’m meant to be

And it’s exactly what you see

A strong woman standing over the stove

Making my peoples bread loaves

Bottling the wine even for those who loath

My very soul


Maybe you’ll eventually

Have lunch with me

I’ll pass the bread and pour the wine

A toast to the day you open your mind

Open your heart and relieve your hunger pangs

Until then, my love for you still remains. 


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