Empire of Defiance (Influenced by Lowkey)


Shoot fire of defiance
at those who defend liars
and profit from violence.
Living in a world where there’s no such state of silence
but somehow people are more quiet.

Hear deception in all corners of the earth.
How another can monopolize on other peoples’ hurt.
Gaining power undeserved.
While the rest of us still unsure.
Still unsure still unsure
Comfortable in blindness
Sitting in front of the TV oblivious to the violence
we funded in our silence.
Taxation without truth
Taxation fraud
Sending more troops
to fight the facade.
It’s all for profit
but we get led to believe this is the only option
stressed and haunted
Behind the curtain they taunt us.

I shoot fire of defiance
at liars and those gaining from violence.
Bite your tongue and
or stand up to what’s begun
and twist out a new outcome.
Defend yourself against liars
shepherding you into their empire
of silence while they benefit from violence and your right to remain quiet.


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