A Coward’s Demise

A Coward’s Demise 
Dedicated to the Scum who took my brother from us


In the event of his demise
I don’t think he’d imagined being skinned alive
He never thought I’d make him bleed for every tear I cried.
A room decorated like a cave
Candles lit so the shadows could rise and emphasize my hate
What kind of person deserves to be defended or saved
when he takes an innocent life away.

Not him so he’s been locked in chains
stretched out to intensify the pain.
No matter what though, he’ll never feel the kind to cause one to go insane
which is my case.

It started with rubbing a cheese shredder on his skin
Then I put a thin, but bloody slit
through his wrist.
I put a bucket underneath him
and watched his blood drip.
I put some on my fingertips
and polished it on his lips
then sealed it with a kiss.


I believe in eye for and eye
and when he took one of mine
I put a dirty fork in his and yanked it out
So I could read what was on his mind
and see what he might be thinking about.


With a razor I split opened his face and peeled the skin back
chunk by chunk I ripped until I laughed.
I paused for a second so I could listen to his blood drip

–          What a beautiful sound that is! –

then I think about his kid
how great would it be if they could see this!
Their father screaming like a bitch –
his innocent deserve to witness this
but I’ll leave them to identify his
tortured body –
oh the thought is so naughty
that I want to throw a party
and toast to my insanity
and the revenge I took on him and his family!


Despite all the fun
I’m yet to be done.
I still had a chainsaw I had to take to his head
but this, my friend, would not be the way he wounded up dead
No, I only put it in one-fourth of an inch,
Oh, if you could see the beauty of making his eyes twitch!
And hearing him scream that I’m a sadist bitch!


I grabbed his tongue and jerked it out with a screwdriver.
He can’t take it anymore, he can’t slander Gabe’s name anymore!
Fuckin’ liar! Is it sore?!”


I opened more skin and peeled it back!
Now I added salt to top all of that!
“Scream Gabe’s name fucker!
Scream the name you made suffer!
The name that made you a number
on my list of people marked!
Scream his name to my heart!”


It started to get dark.
If I was going to stick to my master plan
I had to act fast.
He had to understand that he not only took the life of one man
but the rock who made me who I am!
I grabbed a knife and gave his scrotum a stab
Split his dick in half
shoved half down his throat
and the other half in his ass!
I videotaped him agonizing as I laughed!


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