October 19, 2012 at 9:58pm

Maybe it’s my own “paranoidism”


Your melody is jealousy
Be it me or Melanie
It’s funny
because everything you’ve been telling me
Makes it obvious you’ll never be an elder worthy to remember
It’s all about the money for you, fuck being a community member.
It’s all gossip for you.
Breaking confidentiality to bring down a community member.
Misery loves company, so no wonder you’ll never accompany me
But sit fuming in your miserable room
Backed up, its me though, not you
You can tell yourself your inability to keep up is because between the two of us I’m a distraction but really only because I’m young.
So it’s funny because jealousy is your melody.

Maybe it’s my own “paranoidism”

Hypocrisy is your melody
Everything is unreal
So me irritating you should be unreal
Putting a rat in someone’s ear – completely unreal.
“Don’t do it unless you mean it”
But I’ve yet to see you mean this
“Everyday is a clean slate”
Then why do I look at you and want to erase cookies & cache?
I now look back and am like “it’s all a cliche” everything you had to say
But I listened thinking I was learning
I wanted to understand to the point my mind was burning.
As upbeat as you try to be
you’re a cynic who’ll never admit it
Dismissing social justice as “it doesn’t matter”
I now see it’s laziness & you won’t do it if in the end you don’t get flattered.
I need to grow up…
You don’t even know how I grew up…
You saying you know me but you don’t know enough.
You’re forgiving but you’re a constant judge.
How I didn’t see it I don’t believe it…
everything you try to say, you really don’t mean it.
Actions speak louder than words
Your actions are only words
You could never understand or even keep up to follow me…
I look around & see sistas making a difference & you shrug saying it doesn’t make a difference
You’re worst than the melody of jealousy
Your melody is hypocrisy.

Maybe it’s my own “paranoidism”

Facade is your melody
Smiles and “niceness”
It’s crazy because I was blinded
Thinking someone so nice can’t have a motive behind it
I see the facade
Maybe the hypocrite is right
everything is a mirage.
Your melody is facade.

Moving the fuck on


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