Keep the Population Muted

Keep the Population Muted

Over 80 executed
to keep the population muted
Pray everyday Kenneth Bae
gets his sentenced commuted
I bitch paying towing fees for my Buick
Justin Beiber the focus of the media
while women are trafficked fleeing North Korea
in China
exploited for their vaginas
Bounties on North Koreans
Money the incentive and reason
Citizens numb themselves to turn a blind eye on their treatment
Ignoring their own country’s pollution
North Koreans are not just heads of $45 but fucking lives of humans
Dreaming in the ditch that I’m the solution:
I can walk to the DMZ Line and scream “free the humans.”
Then be taken down by a conscripted sniper
but in my death inspire
Six Billion people set the media on fire.
Six billion people will set the media on fire


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