80 Executed

80 Executed

Open your mind and imagine
living what you read happens: 
eating rice from feces to manage 
life in a gulag and famine. 

Nuclear stand offs are irrelevant 
because your child’s a crying skeleton. 
You run halfway through China only to be repatriated to Hell again. 
They monitored your every movement. 
Of course you know this. 
Of course you knew this!
Now your life was just an example 
through execution. 

Would you have done this again?
What would you have had to lose, only freedom to win 
You weren’t naive or confused but only wanted in…
In on Dramas and pop music. 
Abundance of food and your rights as a human. 
The protests and complaints of politicians 
are laughable; you can live with any opposition
because you’re fed and have been given
more freedom than you ever knew. 
This is the life you loss to escape to…
You tasted freedom in your every move. 
Now you’re displayed in a stadium waiting for them to execute you. 

Release your mind but feel what you read happens – 
life in gulags and famines.


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