*Significant Edit Due To Changing Blogging Reason)*

Ahnyung – let me introduce my name, or rather the blog title ‘Koreanfeet.” It’s very simple… I’m Korean and Blackfeet. It’s a lot easier to say than Blackorean, and a less confusing… I have friends who are Black and Korean who use that… so the potential “user name”/nickname was out. However where I’m from there are very limited Koreans mixed with Native… I should also mention I’m mixed Caucasian – Irish, German, French-Canadian, British, a whole European mutt, (except Polish for sure)… 

Decided to showcase my creativity on various topics… a lot of it might be racial issues… I was jumped at 16 by 15 Caucasians… I grew a lot of hatred for Caucasians (except for my grandmother)… I did learn to forgive and realized how racist I was being thanks to my high school teachers… still I have a tendency towards militancy and activism.

I lost my brother when I was 18. Week after finding out I had open heart surgery. So I deal with a lot of my grief through my creativity. I was so different before his murder. It’s still something I’m processing, despite how many years later it’s been.

Anyway, I’ve been frustrated with not sharing/others seeing my creative side so a friend told me blog… so lets give it a try…



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